"If You Don't Get the Ad Copy Right Then Every Attempt at 'Campaign Strategy' or 'Optimization' is Useless..."
"Code2Copy" is our entire 'core curriculum' of Proven Ad Templates and Headline Formulas we use in our agency every day...
There will be those who argue that 'Targeting' is the most important part of an ad...

I would not argue with them either.

But that belief is based on looking at an ad as just a place to 'get clicks'.

NOT a place to 'Prequalify, Pre-sell and also Hyper-train the Algorithm' to show the ad to the most relevant prospects for better conversions.

Context is everything...

...and it's the single biggest MISSING component to most marketing out there. 

Stop using 'sensational' claims or ridiculous, gimmicky 'pattern interrupts' like the amateurs.

Use our 'Context.Optimal.Directed.Elements' to convert all traffic at a higher rate. 

This is where marketing is going... 

Are you there yet?

CODE2Copy is ahead of the curve. 

See everything you get below.

Chris Rocheleau
CEO, North Node Solutions Inc
Creator, "CODE2Copy"

Access Includes These 5 'Instant' Bonuses
Exclusive 'Conversion Coder' Facebook Group [Priceless]
Exclusive Access to our private 'Conversion Coders' only Facebook Group where other 'conversion coders' share their work and support each other in cracking the 'C.O.D.E.'
[5] Recorded Implementation Webinars  [$995 Value]
Chris did 2-3 hour 'Implementation' webinar for each module where he stayed on until the last question was answered. Every 'Conversion Coder' who goes through these webinars admits this is where the real 'Application' of the teachings are. They call it the 'Gold' of CODE. 
 "Contextual Engagement Elements" Session [$99 Value]
This is a one-off recorded 'deep dive' session on the 7 Headline Elements in Comprehensive Detail Complete with Examples.
The Foundational EPIC Ad Formula
This training totals only a couple hours with the fundamental concepts of long ad copywriting presented through the "EPIC Ad Formula". You'll never look at long copy ads the same again once you understand that natural 'decision making' process you an lead your prospects through.
1-on-1 Completion Guarantee
If you complete the entire training you become eligible for one (1) 45 Minute Coaching Call with Chris. On this Call Chris will look at your Ad, Your Funnel and consult you on what you specifically need to do for better conversions and increase your Return On Ad Spend. (This call subject to verification of completion of the course)
  • Module 1: 18 ‘Social Rules of Engagement’ - $499 Value
  • Module 2: 22+ Headline Formulas - $499 Value
  • Module 3: Proven Ad Formulas and Templates - $699 Value
  • Module 4: The E.P.I.C. Story Formula - $799 Value
  • Module 5: Video Formulas and Ad Templates - $899 Value 
  • Bonus #1: "Conversion Coder" Facebook Group- Priceless
  • Bonus #2: 5 Recorded Implementation Webinars - $995 Value
  • ​Bonus #3: Contextual Engagement Elements  - $99 Value
  • Bonus #4: The EPIC Ad Formula Mini-Course - $297 Value
  • Bonus #5: Completion Guarantee 45 Min 1-on-1 - $600 Value
$2696 + $1991
$4687 Value

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Frequently Asked Questions

 I sell physical products, does this still work for me?

YES, the EPIC Framework which all templates in the course are derived from do and in fact have worked for selling physical products. This formula is a natural, educational and decision making process that you can lead your prospect through. It does not matter the type of product. Period. We've made it work with everything we have undertaken.
I have a local business, does this still work for me?

Yes it does. We've successfully used this Formula to attract local leads, even professionals like Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers. We've seen these ads work much better than 'typical' ads that look like everyone else in the newsfeed. Any of the templates inside 'CODE' can be adapted to work with local business or professionals.
Where do your templates come from?

We've created templates that were 'reverse-engineered from our best converting ads.
When we have a high converting ad, we create a template from it and add it to the course! 
You can look forward to 'Template Updates' as time goes on!

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